A few words about the conference

The E-learning Fusion Conference is the only international conference about digital learning in Poland. ELF is a platform of inspiration, exchanging knowledge and experiences by enthusiasts and professionals connected with e-learning in Poland and Europe.

During ELF 2018 we are going to deal with the issues related to the future of e-learning: what will be valuable and what will make sense? How to create a digital learning environment, how to build an e-learning ecosystem, what will happen if we do not break the patterns of the “old” way of thinking about e-learning expressed with “screens” and will not cross the boundaries of traditional thinking and the “cheapness” of e-learning solutions. What engages the user of the solutions coming from the e-learning world? We are going to discuss these issues and many more on ELF2018!

What’s unique about conference

This is the third edition of the international conference on e-learning development directions. It is attended by the most famous brands in Poland and the world.


  • unique e-learning solutions which will be presented only to conference participants,
  • case studies that will allow to learn on the experience of other companies.


  • 8 hours of intensive conference is the time in which one can meet a lot of people from the e-learning sector and many others.

The creator of the conference

The creator of the conference is Marta Machalska who has been connected with the e-learning market for 16 years, since the beginning of its existence in Poland. In her career Marta has implemented over 500 e-learning projects. A countless number of people, amounting to hundreds of thousands, participated in the developed and implemented e-trainings. Marta is an enthusiast of technologies that support the implementation of development and business goals.

Marta believes in e-learning that “teaches” and not only “presents”, where experiencing and acting is possible, which moves human creativity and cognitive process. Marta Machalska is also a reviewer of professional qualifications standard: on-line teaching methodologist, distance education methodologist, on-line examiner, and multimedia applications educationist.


Daniel Whiston
Learning Design Expert, E-Learning Award Winner for Excellence in the Production of Learning Content

Case study

How To Design Engaging Learning Content

Perry Timms
“The most Influential HR 2017” title winner, the author of “Transformational HR”

Keynote speech

12 Digital Learning Inevitables

Sarah Saunders
"Inspiration in HR" finalist and learning technologies expert working directly with Google, Houses of Parliament and BP.


The Future of Learning Technologies: What’s happening and what’s the hype?



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E-learning Fusion

Conference place

The Conference takes place at the luxurious Hotel InterContinental Warszawa, Emilii Plater 49.

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